Student Loans and Bankruptcy

Student Loans and Bankruptcy

  • 3 Mistakes To Avoid When Filing For A Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

    Legally, you can file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy without retaining an attorney. However, this might be a mistake. Even if your petition seems simple, there are hidden complexities that could hurt your filing and result in it being dismissed. If you are considering filing for yourself, here are some possible mistakes to avoid.  Improperly Assessing Your Finances Even though you might be swimming in debt, there is a possibility that filing for bankruptcy might not be the best option for you.

  • Does Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Affect Your Next Tax Refund Check?

    If you are in trouble financially and decide to file Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you will find relief almost instantly after filing the paperwork. This chapter of bankruptcy gives you relief from your creditors and helps you get rid of debts, but there are consequences too. One consequence involves surrendering things you own, and your next tax return might be one of things you will have to give up. Why the trustee has a right to your tax return

  • Two Ways To Avoid A Foreclosure During A Divorce

    Divorce proceedings can be pretty messy legally, but they can get even more complicated if a homeowner is facing foreclosure during a divorce. What happens if neither spouse wants the house and the debt that goes with it? What if both spouses do want the house (and associated risk of foreclosure)? Here's a look at two ways to avoid a foreclosure during divorce proceedings. Short Sale If neither spouse wants the house, consider a short sale.

  • Three Myths You May Have Heard About Bankruptcy

    Unless you have filed for bankruptcy before, you may not quite understand all the rules surrounding it. Even if you have filed before, there are different types of bankruptcies with different obligations with each type. When it comes to filing bankruptcy, you want to make sure you have thought long and hard about your options. It is also important that you consult with a bankruptcy attorney before filing so you know exactly what you are dealing with and what repercussions could follow in the future.

  • Tips For Divorcing An Abusive Spouse

    If you are planning to divorce an abusive spouse, there are steps you can take to help protect you and your family and ensure that the court takes into consideration the safety of all concerned. You should start to plan long before you actually file. To help ensure you are doing everything you can to get a fair outcome to your divorce, here are some tips to follow.  Get a Child Custody Evaluation

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    Thank you for visiting my website. My name is Melanie. I am a 31-year-old woman who recently found myself unable to pay my bills following a devastating divorce. I created this website because I know there are a lot of misconceptions out there about filing for bankruptcy when you have student loans. I read about many of these misconceptions when doing my own research. Ultimately, I hired an attorney who helped me learn the truth. If you have loans, you may be able to get them discharged, though it is challenging and rare. If you are drowning in debt and have student loans as well, I hope my website helps you learn about bankruptcy and how student loans may affect it.